mercredi 14 octobre 2015

EducommunicAfrik as a seasoned youth expert CSO of the continent?

EducommunicAfrik was invited by African Union (AU) to parrticipate in a finalization workshop for the African Governance Architecture Youth Engagement Strategy (AGA-YES)  on Democracy, Election and Governance in Africa which took place in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia from 10-11 october 2015. The workshop was convened by the Department of Political Affairs as the Secretariat of AGA. 
The workshop was intended to provide a forum for redefining the Youth Engagement Agenda withn the AGA in relation to democracy, elections, human rights and governance in Africa. Specifically, the workshop provided a platform for expert review and finalization of the AGA-YES and its Implementation Plan as well as facilitated the exploration of funding possibilities/sources and possible strategic partnerships and alliances for the execution of the prposed activities of the Implementation Plan.